Robot Street Obliteration is the sequel to Robot Street Survival.
It's an open ended top down shooter where the goal is to defeat all the enemies.

In this sequel you can buy different guns buy collecting coins that the enemies drop.
And shooting is in all directions.  On a touch screen a touch controller will appear below the game. The circle is for aiming the gun, to calibrate it, press and hold the start button then press in the middle of the circle, then let go and press start again to un-pause.

On desktop use wasd to move and the mouse to aim the gun.

It's an open ended game, you do not have to destroy all the enemies to progress,
you can generally follow the street to keep going, to get to the shop just keep walking right finding each right exit until you arrive at the area with guns.

Have fun!


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Hi, the game is fun, but it needs to be a bit faster, it take a loooong time to kill enemies.

There are also some visual glitches on the edges of the screen when moving around.

I have a similar game, and I'd love your feedback


Gameplay is mostly waiting, not interacting.  And how does one use the coins collected? The instructions illustrate the "shotgun" is 750 coins, I've collected over 3,000, and there's no shop.


The shop is on the seventh stage, you can walk freely through each stage ignoring the enemies, and if you kill or hurt one on the way it remembers when you come back. It's open ended, you don't have to wait, you can just walk past the enemies. 

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Enemies and the character moves the same way when press any direction key.


Looks like fun, but on deskop, using chrome, I can't aim with the mouse. I just shoot to the right.

Thank you for the feedback, for me that happens if I go to fullscreen and then the screen shifts. I don't yet know why it happens, but sometimes in fullscreen the screen will shift and then the mouse doesn't work to aim any more.   Hopefully I'll figure out why it happens, it's one of the things I'm working on, thank you again for trying to play.