Simpler Land - Become a Ninja

A simple pixel platform game, use wasd or arrows to move and jump, 
use the E key to pick things up, enter doors, and talk to people,
and use the Q key to throw things.

On touch enabled devices a touch controller will appear below the game.
To use a usb game pad, pause the game, plug your game pad in,
press one of the directional buttons,
and then follow the on screen prompts to assign each button.

The land has been overrun by monsters, can you defeat them all?
Defeat the red fire monster and it will drop an item that turns you into a ninja,
as a ninja you can double jump wall jump and wall slide.
To traverse the whole land and defeat all the monsters you have to, become a ninja.

Tile set and character art by Surt. Ending boss art by

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