Use wasd to move around. The E key to pick up crates, and the Q key to throw.
Also the R key or Esc key will reposition you at the start of the level your on.

The main goal is to reach the 10th level,
you throw crates onto switches that activate blocks to progress to the next level.
But there is a person on level 1 who wants the cat that is on level 9.
If you can get the cat to him, he will give you 10000 coins.
And if you have that many coins on level ten, you get the best ending.

Using warp cubes you can warp forward and back to different levels,
but there are only 5 warp cubes.

Have fun!

Update: Now after you pick up a crate you can press E to drop it straight back down.


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Should mention the 'R' key sends you back to start of level. I needed that on level 3 when I fell down after turning off the green blocks -- no green blocks means no climbing back to where I fell from.

Yes, and Esc as well, thank you, I forgot about that, and thank you for playing!